What Are Fairings on a Motorcycle?

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What are fairings on a motorcycle? They’re accessories for your Atlanta that give you a boost for both style and safety. Motorcycle front fairings and motorcycle tail fairings will give your motorcycle additional aerodynamic support, improving both safety and gas mileage. And when it comes to motorcycle customization, your choice of fairings can help make your motorcycle truly your own. Let Killer Creek Harley-Davidson give you a little parts primer and walk you through the answer to, “What are fairings on a motorcycle?”

What Do Motorcycle Fairings Do?

Motorcycle fairings are panels that you place in certain spots on your Conyers to change the airflow and make your ride more comfortable. They were first designed for racing bikes, but they’ve gotten so popular that they are now considered essential for all varieties of racing bikes.

Motorcycle front fairings and motorcycle tail fairings come in many shapes and sizes. Motorcycle front fairings are more common. They’re made out of aluminum, carbon fiber, polymers, and other materials, and when you contact the parts experts at Killer Creek Harley-Davidson, you’ll be guaranteed to get genuine OEM parts every time. Count on motorcycle fairings to reduce your overall debris, give your ride additional smoothness, and so much more. We can help you find the fairings that are perfect for your vehicle.

Motorcycle Fairings and Customization

Even though fairings come in styles for your whole bike, front and back fairings are your most common varieties. Motorcycle front fairings can include windshields, handlebar wrapping, and speaker spacings.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a motorcycle tail fairing, you’ll generally find that these are smaller. They’re also referred to as “quarter fairings” because of their smaller sizes. These will generally go on your air ducts and vents and will often be color-matched to your bike for superior customization.

Killer Creek Harley-Davidson Is the Harley-Davidson Parts Destination

When it comes to parts for your Cartersville Harley-Davidson, count on the pros at Killer Creek Harley-Davidson. We’ve got a great selection of always genuine OEM parts that are sure to make your ride a special one. Contact us today to see what we can do for your motorcycle!


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