How to Shift a Motorcycle

Man riding Harley Davidson 2020 Fat Bob Motorcycle

One of the first challenges that new riders need to overcome is learning how to shift their motorcycle. To start, it can feel overwhelming to coordinate the different functions that go into smooth shifting. However, with lots of practice, you can be riding like a pro through the streets of Atlanta and beyond. View our tips below to learn how to shift your bike, and then start practicing today!

Basics of Motorcycle Gears

Start by locating the following components to ensure that you can easily shift your new motorcycle:

  • Throttle – Found at the right end of the handlebars, the throttle allows you to control your engine’s power. If you rotate your hand towards your body, you’ll be increasing the supply of gas to the engine. This, in turn, will increase your engine power.
  • Clutch – Found on the left handlebar, the clutch lever engages and disengages the engine power to the back wheel of the motorcycle. Squeeze the lever to disengage power and let go to engage power.
  • Gear Selector – Located on the lower left side of the motorcycle is the gear selector. Riders can use their left foot to change gears. Most bikes have five gears to choose from but some bikes have six.

Motorcycle Gear Shifting Technique

Now that you know the important components, you need to know how to shift your motorcycle. Practice the steps we’ve laid out below, and you’re sure to become proficient in shifting in no time:

  • Use your left hand to squeeze the clutch lever down to disengage engine power completely so that there’s no power going to the back wheel.
  • Select the correct gear by placing your left foot on the gear shift lever. You’ll tap down to pick a lower gear or pull up to select a higher gear.
  • Starting with your wrist in a flat position, rotate the throttle lever by slightly twisting your right wrist toward you. This will increase your engine power.
  • SLOWLY release the clutch lever with your left hand while at the same time gently rotating the throttle lever. Your bike should begin moving forward.
  • After the bike is in motion, release the clutch fully and gently accelerate to increase speed. Repeat the process to shift to the next gear and so on.

Learn to Ride Your New Bike With Killer Creek Harley-Davidson

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