How to Change a Motorcycle Tire

Harley-Davidson Tech Looking at Motorcycle Wheel

Whether you need a new set of tires or you are replacing a tire while on the road, knowing how to change a motorcycle tire is an important skill for riders around Atlanta. Killer Creek Harley-Davidson put together a quick guide to ensure that you can easily change your tires at home in Roswell!

How to Change a Motorcycle Step-by-Step

Changing a motorcycle tire isn’t complicated, but if you don’t want to take the time to do it yourself, you can also leave it to the professionals at the Killer Creek Harley-Davidson service center. To perform a tire change at home, follow the steps below:

  • Remove the Wheel: Remove the tire and wheel from your bike. Check your rim to make sure it’s still in good condition.
  • Deflate the Tire: Let the air out of the tire by removing the valve stem core. Make sure the tire is completely deflated to prevent damage to the rim.
  • Break the Bead: Using a tire iron or bead breaking tool, you’ll need to break the bead to be able to separate the tire from the rim.
  • Remove the Tire: Take the used tire off the rim and set it aside.
  • Take Out the Tube: Unbolt the valve stem and remove the tube from the rim.
  • Check the Rim: Inspect the rim and make sure it’s still in good condition and ready for a tire replacement.
  • Coat Tire Edges: Place a generous coating of bead lube on the inner edge of the new tire. This will help it slip on the rim.
  • Install Rim Strip: If you have spoked rims, install a rim strip to protect your tire.
  • Install the tire: Pop the new tire into place.
  • Add the Tube: If you have a tubed tire, install the new tube between the rubber and the rim.
  • Complete Installation: Finish placing the tire and install the valve stem.
  • Inflate the Tire: Re-inflate the tire to the proper PSI using manufacturer recommendations.

When Should I Change My Motorcycle Tire?

Unsure if you should take the time to change out your motorcycle tires? Here are a few times a tire change could be necessary in Cartersville:

  • Your tire is worn
  • Your tire tread is low
  • Your tire is punctured or losing air
  • Your bike has the wrong tires

Get Tire Service at Killer Creek Harley-Davidson

Whether you need to schedule a tire replacement or are looking for new tires from an authorized parts center, you can get help with your motorcycle tires today at Killer Creek Harley-Davidson!

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