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If you’re a proud owner of a Harley-Davidson Street® 750, a Heritage Classic, or still looking for your perfect Harley around Atlanta, you’ve probably seen the now-iconic bar and shield design, but it wasn’t always that way. Deep dive into the history of the Harley-Davidson logo with Killer Creek Harley-Davidson. 


Harley-Davidson Logo History: Origins

In 1903, the Davidson brothers, Walter and Arthur founded the company. While they assembled their first bike that year, the first version of the distinctive bar and shield logo didn’t arrive until 1910. And it actually looks very similar to the modern logo — the biggest difference is the shape of the shield.

The Davidson brothers had a solid design, with a logo that’s simple, original, authentic, and easily identifiable! Even if the logo has shifted to one similar to the original, Harley-Davidson’s logo history has had quite a few shake-ups.

Original Harley Logo


Evolution of the Harley-Davidson Logo 

While there have been quite a few Harley-Davidson logos over the years, the history is marked by some major changes, including shape, color, inscription design, and more.

  • 1910: The first logo was branded: the bar and shield with the Harley-Davidson name on it. 
  • 1953: To celebrate their 50th anniversary, the logo featured a “V” in commemoration of their popular V-Twin engines. You’ll find the full logo in a circle with “50 Years” and “American Made” also inscribed. 
  • 1965: Similar to the original, the logo returned back to the bar and shield look, and is likely the logo you’re most familiar with.
  • 2003: To commemorate their 100th anniversary, the logo was updated with a pair of stylized wings and the years 1903 and 2003 inscribed on it.
  • Now: While there have been changes since 1965, the Harley-Davidson logo is so iconic that you’ll often see it as just the bar and shield — no text at all. Because everyone knows Harley.
Harley Davidson Oil Can

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