How to Get a Motorcycle License

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Are you ready to take in everything the state of Georgia has to offer on a motorcycle? Atlanta drivers looking to take on the open road in a motorcycle should check out this primer on how to get a motorcycle license and what the Georgia motorcycle license is like, by answering questions like:

  • Do you need a motorcycle license?
  • Can you get a motorcycle license without a driver’s license?
  • How Much is a Motorcycle License?
  • Do You Need a Motorcycle License to Drive a Scooter?

How To Get Your Motorcycle License in Georgia

Conyers bikers who are asking “Do you need a motorcycle license,” will find that the Georgia Class M license is needed to ride a motorcycle. There are a few motorcycle license requirements that you’ll have to contend with. Prior to receiving your motorcycle license, you must:

  • Pass a vision exam
  • Pass the Georgia DDS Knowledge Exam
  • Obtain the Class MP Permit and follow these rules- Only ride during daylight hours, no riding with passengers, no driving on limited-access roadways, and use the mandatory safety equipment, such as a helmet.
  • Take a state-approved motorcycle safety course
  • Take a motorcycle driving test

The motorcycle license age in Georgia is 16, the same as a car, but drivers under 17 need to pass a 30-hour driver safety course as well.

Can You get a Motorcycle License Without a Driver’s License?

No, as you will need to have already learned how to drive a car as a prerequisite of getting your motorcycle license.

How Much is a Motorcycle License in Georgia?

In the state of Georgia, a motorcycle license is $25 for a five-year license and $32 for an eight-year license.

Do You Need a Motorcycle License to Drive a Scooter?

The answer is no. In Georgia, you do not need a motorcycle license for a scooter, but you will need a regular driver’s license.

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